SMS cut down to 5 SMS per day in India – TRAI Rule

TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has implemented a new rule, Cutting down the number of person to person SMS to 5 SMS per day. You wont be able to send more than 5 SMS in a day. When you exceed the threshold and try to send a 6th SMS. You will get a sending failed message.
The message reads as follows :

Hi! You have sent 5 SMS today. As per Govt. guidelines, you can’t send more outgoing person to person SMS today. Your SMS services will be resumed post Midnight.

This rule is going to stay ON from August 18, 2012 to September 2, 2012 as reported by the news channels. Last night, the news channels had reported about this rule, However i didn’t took it that seriously. But today the social networking sites are completely flooded with unhappy status posts regarding this new rule.

Why this rule ?

The rule is here to stay because it is been reported that many life-threatening SMS’s  are being sent to  North Indian students, especially those residing in Bangalore and parts of Hyderabad.

The government says that some groups are spreading baseless and anti-religious rumors through bulk SMS. So they had to take this action as they were left out with no option.

How they reduced number of SMS’s to 5 ?

The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) usage on your mobile phones has been reduced to 20 KB (kilo bytes) during this new rule period. And thus this is going to affect mobile internet users as well.

According to the Newspapers

The decision was taken after reports of widespread circulation of SMSs and MMSs containing misleading information about Assam violence, threats to people of northeastern origin living in other parts of the country and doctored videos. The home ministry has asked department of telecommunications to implement the order through the telecom operators.

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