Nokia X2 stops a bullet, saves a life in Syria. Real or Fake?

So recently i have seen some memes coming up on facebook regarding Nokia X2 saved a life in Syria. So i did some research on this and decided to write a post for the same.

The story : A Nokia X2 user living in Syria was shooting/filming the ongoing fight between rebels and the military. According to the reports, bombs and bullets were being fired. This guy who was filming the fight went too much closer to the fight scene. And all of a sudden a bullet came and struck him. Thanks to his Nokia X2, the bullet didn’t cause any harm to him. The bullet was struck in his Nokia phone before it could touch his body. In this post lets see how true is this story..

So that was just the story which is being told on different sites over the internet, but its quite controversial. Is it true or not? Are Nokia phones really so strong? I don’t really think so..

Point 1 : Check the image, it seems like the bullet came from the front side. This can only happen if he was shooting from the front camera . But there is no Secondary camera in Nokia x2. Now if he was shooting from the primary camera (rear camera). Then why it seems like that the bullet entered from the front and not the back ? If he was shooting from the primary camera, the bullet should have struck from the rear side.

Point 2 : Its claimed that the bullet was struck in the phone and did not hurt the person at all. But it can be clearly seen that the bullet must have had successful penetration. It doesn’t seem to have stuck there. So the person would be definitely harmed to a certain extent.

How to add Floating Facebook Like Box to your wordpress blog

codefap floating facebook like box

As you can see in the image as well as on my blog, there is a floating facebook like box. If you would like to have this on your blog then follow these instructions :

  • Copy the code below, And just replace ‘codefap‘ on line 17 with your Facebook page username.

  • Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Theme Settings > Open Header.php
  • Find (using CTRL+F) this keyword:

[code] </head> [/code]

  • Just above that paste the code which you have copied.
  • Save the file.
  • Check your blog and Bingo !! Its done !!

Its not Displaying?

  • If its not working, try adding this code above </head>>

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> [/code]

  • If its still not working, feel free to comment below.

Windows 7 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

I am sure many of us are unaware of these awesome keyboard shortcuts in windows 7. When i found out these, i was truly impressed. These are very useful while working with windows. Lets have a look at them !

1 ) Create a New Folder ( CTRL + SHIFT + N )

When you press CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard, the windows will automatically create a new folder in your current system directory.

2) Shift+Right Click Enhances ‘Send to’ Menu

3) Win + Space to show Desktop

Pressing windows key and space simultaneously helps to show desktop directly.

4) For Dual Monitors

  • Win+Shift+Left Arrow Key to Move Active Window to Left Monitor
  • Win+Shift+Right Arrow Key to Move Active Window to Right Monitor

5) Win + 1, Win + 2, etc. To open up pinned taskbar shorcuts

If you want to directly access your pinned taskbar pinned shortcuts without a mouse then just press windows key on your keyboard and holding that windows key, try pressing 1, 2, 3. Its amazing.

6) Open up Task Manager ( CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE )

In Windows XP, we used to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open up task manager. But if you press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL in Windows 7 then log on screen appears with a option to access task manager. However if you want to access task manager directly without visiting log on screen, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE and your task manager will show up.

7) Connect to a Projector (Win + P)

Press Win + P on your keyboard to connect a projector to your computer.

8) Visit System Properties (Win + Pause)

Pressing Win key + Pause key will directly take you to System properties Window.

I hope this helps you. If you know anymore cool shortcuts, feel free to comment below.

SMS cut down to 5 SMS per day in India – TRAI Rule

TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has implemented a new rule, Cutting down the number of person to person SMS to 5 SMS per day. You wont be able to send more than 5 SMS in a day. When you exceed the threshold and try to send a 6th SMS. You will get a sending failed message.
The message reads as follows :

Hi! You have sent 5 SMS today. As per Govt. guidelines, you can’t send more outgoing person to person SMS today. Your SMS services will be resumed post Midnight.

This rule is going to stay ON from August 18, 2012 to September 2, 2012 as reported by the news channels. Last night, the news channels had reported about this rule, However i didn’t took it that seriously. But today the social networking sites are completely flooded with unhappy status posts regarding this new rule.

Why this rule ?

The rule is here to stay because it is been reported that many life-threatening SMS’s  are being sent to  North Indian students, especially those residing in Bangalore and parts of Hyderabad.

The government says that some groups are spreading baseless and anti-religious rumors through bulk SMS. So they had to take this action as they were left out with no option.

How they reduced number of SMS’s to 5 ?

The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) usage on your mobile phones has been reduced to 20 KB (kilo bytes) during this new rule period. And thus this is going to affect mobile internet users as well.

According to the Newspapers

The decision was taken after reports of widespread circulation of SMSs and MMSs containing misleading information about Assam violence, threats to people of northeastern origin living in other parts of the country and doctored videos. The home ministry has asked department of telecommunications to implement the order through the telecom operators.

How to protect your Simple Machines Forum (SMF) from bots

You must be facing this weird problem of bot attack on your simple machines forum (SMF). These are very frequent attacks especially if you are hosting your forum on a top level domain (TLD). You must be really confused about what the #!@$% is happening right? Don’t worry this post will definitely fix your problem. But lets have a in depth analysis of what is happening and how to avoid it or stop it.

What is Happening?

Your forum is being maliciously attacked by number of bots. I don’t want to get into technical language to explain this to my blog visitors. So in simple terms, there is a sudden rise in the number of blog registrations. And all these members are registered with some weird names, their only purpose is to flood/spam your forum with different links or content, mostly for advertising their stuff through your top level domain forum. And trust me, this happens so fast that you just don’t see it coming. The picture below displays the bot attack on my forum. You can see a number of posts flooded by different bots in one of my forum boards.

 Simple machines forum Bot attack

forum registered bots

So how do we protect our forum ?

1) Email Activation

  • Turn on email activation for all new registered members.
  • Your Forum » Administration Center » Registration » Settings
  • Now all registered members will have to activate their account before posting.
  • But this doesn’t stop all of it for some reason.
  • Note: This did not help to tackle bots on my forum. It continued.

2) Code Verification for users having less than 10 posts

  • Go to Your Forum » Administration Center » Security and Moderation » Anti-Spam
  • change “Post count under which users must pass verification to make a post” value to 10
  • Note: This will stop bots from creating new post upto a certain extent.

3) Code Verification for new Registrations

  • Go to Your Forum » Administration Center » Security and Moderation » Anti-Spam
  • Enable “Require verification on registration page”

  • This will make all the individuals to enter a verification code in order to register on the forum.
  • Next step is to configure verification methods.
  • The image below displays my current configuration :

  • As you can see i have changed Visual Verification to ‘Medium‘ Level.
  • Then added few questions to check whether visitor is human or bot.
  • Questions like ‘Are you bot?‘, ‘whats the color of an apple?‘, ‘whats the name of our planet?
  • And then finally changed number of verification questions user must answer to 2
  • And click on save.

4) We are done

Now all the bot attacks on my forum have been stopped. I can see many bots trying to register themselves but are failing to do so because of the verification system. This is just great. And in any case if even 1 bot registers on your forum, He wont be able to post anything because we have also added post verification system, which will keep asking user to enter verification code who has posts less than 10. So i hope this helps you. And if you have any doubt, feel free to comment below.

5 ) Delete Existing registered bots (if any)

If there are existing registered bots on your forum, then delete all such accounts before they start messing up your forum. Even if there are some registered bots, they wont be able to create any topics because of the post verification system. However its better to delete these accounts to prevent any more problems.

Do i need a Registry Cleaner?

A Registry Cleaner simply helps to remove wrongly created references or invalid references pointing to a file (mostly a DLL file), a program or any other system data which does not exist anymore. These invalid references may be created due to one of the following reasons :

1) A system crash causing invalid entries
2) Poorly programmed Uninstaller leaving behind invalid entries
3) When a program is not uninstalled in a proper manner.
Or many other reasons.

These registry cleaner programs definitely clean the Windows registry. However comparing the benefits and dangers of these programs, I can say that these programs can be really dangerous if you don’t know what you are exactly doing. So if you are a beginner i would highly recommend not to use such programs on your windows computer. However if you are an advanced user and if you know what you are doing, then you can use registry cleaner at your own risk.

Can Registry Cleaner cause Problems in my Computer?

Yes. Registry Cleaners can cause trouble, especially if they are poorly programmed. In such a case where Registry Cleaner is poorly programmed, it can remove a valid reference in windows registry causing a program to stop working or in certain situations it can cause Windows to malfunction.

What to do without a Registry Cleaner?

  • If you encounter any problem in windows registry, you can always do a Google search for finding out the cause and solution to your problem.
  • You can also find troubleshooting guide for your windows version on Microsoft’s website.
  • You can perform regular system scans for viruses, spyware, malware, etc.

Which problems are fixed by Registry Cleaners?

  • Registry cleaners can fix problems like Missing DLLs, Unused file extensions, ActiveX and class issues, MUI Cache, Fonts, Obsolete softwares, etc.

I want to use a Registry Cleaner, Which one would you suggest?

If your problem is not fixed and still want to use a Registry Cleaner then I would suggest CCleaner. It is very simple and easy to use. There are many registry cleaners available out there, but i prefer CCleaner. You can also check out EasyCleaner if you don’t like CCleaner. Note that: Whenever you are messing up with Windows registry, Always use the registry backup feature of your Registry Cleaner. So in case if anything goes wrong you can always restore your backup.

Did you experience any problem using a Registry Cleaner?

  • Yes. I have faced many problems with different registry cleaners. However with CCleaner, the problems have been reduced to some extent.
  • After cleaning my windows registry, i faced a problem in which my webcam had stopped working. This was due to removal of driver references by registry cleaner. As you can see these were valid references, but registry cleaner failed to determine that these were valid and hence caused my webcam to malfunction.

Enable God Mode in Windows 7

There is something called as God mode in windows 7. If you haven’t heard about it already then let me tell you, Its simply a shortcut to a location where you can view and access all the system settings. That means having control over all the system settings at one single place, isn’t it amazing? Well lets see  how we can enable God Mode.

Click here to watch How to enable God Mode in Windows 7

  1. Create a new folder anywhere on your computer.
  2. Rename that folder with this code :
  3. God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
  4. And press Enter.
  5. As soon as your press Enter, the icon changes and God Mode shortcut appears.
  6. Open that shortcut and you will be inside the God Mode folder.
  7. Here can can view and control all the system settings.
  8. Check screenshot below, that’s how the God Mode folder looks like.