Counter Strike Steam : Half Life Launcher has Stopped Working

Yesterday i purchased and installed Steam (Counter Strike Anthology) on my Windows 7. But while running Counter-Strike i used to get this Error : Half Life Launcher has Stopped Working. I was like #!@#%$.. You know what i mean..! It was totally frustrating. I tried out various methods to fix this.

STEP 1 : First i used the compatibility mode in windows 7. I switched the mode to Windows XP and tried to run Counter Strike. It still didn’t work. Then i completely re-installed my Counter Strike Anthology from the Disk, it still didn’t work. Then i decided to search the solution on the internet. Many of the sites said to Turn on the DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Below are some informative links regarding DEP and this Error.

STEP 2 : If DEP doesn’t help you then maybe this link can help you :

STEP 3 : The third option is to add some launch parameters. One of the guy on steam said :

in steam.exe go to the game, right-click and select properties, go to Launch options/parameters and start the game with this option -autoconfig

If autoconfig doesn’t work then the next step surely fixes everything, A quote from a steamer :

I figured out that I can launch the game with the command line “-soft“, however, when I then try to change in the video menu my mode to opengl or directx, then it crashes again. I have XP installed too on my laptop, and from XP I can run it flawlessy.

So you can just use -soft parameter to run your Game. But it runs in Software Mode not OpenGL mode.

Step 4 : I just switched my default graphic processor for Counter Strike. First my default graphic processor was Nvidia for Counter Strike. Then i switched to Integrated Graphics. And now i can play my game in OpenGL mode without any error.

I hope this could help you in someway or other. Because i spent lot of time finding solution for my problem and thought to share this with you all. This post will definitely save your time which you would spend on finding the solution for this problem. Please follow the guide stepwise. If any of the steps work for you, don’t proceed to next step. Thanks 🙂

How to turn on DEP in Windows 7

DEP, meaning Data Execution Prevention is actually a security feature in Windows 7 and some other recent operating systems. It basically prevents an Application from executing a code from non executable memory location. Well this post is not meant to explain how the DEP works. For that there’s Wikipedia. This post will explain how to enable the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows 7.

To turn on DEP for Essential Programs Only

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Data Execution Prevention.
  • Select Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.

To turn off DEP for certain programs

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance > Data Execution Prevention.
  • Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select.
  • Click add and choose the program for which you want to turn off DEP.