Nokia X2 stops a bullet, saves a life in Syria. Real or Fake?

So recently i have seen some memes coming up on facebook regarding Nokia X2 saved a life in Syria. So i did some research on this and decided to write a post for the same.

The story : A Nokia X2 user living in Syria was shooting/filming the ongoing fight between rebels and the military. According to the reports, bombs and bullets were being fired. This guy who was filming the fight went too much closer to the fight scene. And all of a sudden a bullet came and struck him. Thanks to his Nokia X2, the bullet didn’t cause any harm to him. The bullet was struck in his Nokia phone before it could touch his body. In this post lets see how true is this story..

So that was just the story which is being told on different sites over the internet, but its quite controversial. Is it true or not? Are Nokia phones really so strong? I don’t really think so..

Point 1 : Check the image, it seems like the bullet came from the front side. This can only happen if he was shooting from the front camera . But there is no Secondary camera in Nokia x2. Now if he was shooting from the primary camera (rear camera). Then why it seems like that the bullet entered from the front and not the back ? If he was shooting from the primary camera, the bullet should have struck from the rear side.

Point 2 : Its claimed that the bullet was struck in the phone and did not hurt the person at all. But it can be clearly seen that the bullet must have had successful penetration. It doesn’t seem to have stuck there. So the person would be definitely harmed to a certain extent.

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  1. Oops, your logic is a bit flawed.
    P1. Could it be possible (s)he was shooting with a separate camera, with phone in pocket? Seems more feasible as phone needs a strong support to be able to stop bullet. p2. When bullet hits, it generates tremendous heat. This could melt the part of phone which has a smaller hole. Difficult to say if the bullet actually managed to go past the phone.
    And dude c’mon, believe in fairy-tales. If you really want to be skeptical, be as good as


  2. @3cbea7bd903798be06822aff09764aa9:disqus This is First amazing comment on the blog and I am sorry to say that it was marked as spam. I noticed it now and approved it. Well about the logic, I would say I was just sharing my opinion. I didn’t conclude that its fake or real. Since I am not the right person to judge this. But this amazed me.

  3. the hole in the battery and the hole in the phone are not in the same place… don’t know, is it my eyes’ fault or not

  4. 100 percent fake. they should show us the video footage.
    If the other phone was filming.
    bullets cant be that weak to not go through that.

    Maybe mythbusters will prove this very soon

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