How to kill pinger in Crysis 2

The pinger in Crysis 2 is displayed in the image below. When this killing machine first time appeared during my game play i didn’t take it that seriously.

I thought it would be easier to kill this one too. But i was wrong, this pinger wasted my 2-3 hours of gaming. I used up all my ammunition, i used up all the weapons but this thing just wont die.

This thing first appears at the evac site. And i used up all tactical options as well. But this pinger is one hell of a fighter. I used up all my primary weapons against this machine. And all i had with me was some grenades and C4.


  • Now the secret to kill this pinger is the C4.
  • First find some good place to hide from pinger.
  • Then throw your C4 on the ground and wait for pinger to walk over it.
  • As soon as pinger walks over it, blow it up.
  • Probably 2-3 C4 will kill this machine.