How to install wordpress on your computer using wampserver

If you are wondering why would anyone want to install wordpress on the local computer then keep reading. If you install wordpress on local pc, you can carry out several experiments on your blog before applying them on the live blog. You can use this offline blog for testing various themes, plugins, codes, etc.

If you ever wanted to install wordpress on your local computer, then there is a way to do it. You need a tool called as wamp server. WAMP means Widows Apache MySQL and PHP.

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In this post, i will guide you using step by step instructions to install wordpress on your PC using wamp !

1) Getting WordPress

2) Extract WordPress

  • Note: You will need winrar or any such tool for extracting the zip file
  • Right click on your downloaded zip file, and click Extract here.

extract here

  • Then move your extracted folder named ‘wordpress‘ inside ‘wamp/www/‘ directory. Check image below:

wordpress directory

3) Creating Database in Wamp Server

  • Left Click on wamp tray icon and select phpMyAdmin
  • Then after just enter the database name as ‘abc’ and click create.


sql created

4) Installing WordPress

  • Click on create configuration file.

  • Click on Lets go.

  • Then enter the database name as abc (the one which we created previously)
  • Enter username as root
  • And do not enter any password (since we are installing on the local pc)
  • Keep the rest as it is. And click Submit.

  • Now just click on Run The Install button.

  • Enter your desired site title. In this case i entered codefap.
  • Then enter your admin username, i just kept it as admin (the default value).
  • Enter your desired password twice.
  • Enter your e-mail address. And just click on Install WordPress

  • Now wordpress has been installed on your computer. Just click on Log in.

  • On the log on screen, just enter your previously set username and password. And click log in.

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