Hacking like a boss – Level zero

Most of us are always interested in knowing the passwords of our friends. This short article can help you to do so.

Google Chrome and latest versions of Mozilla Firefox (like v4.3.1 on onward) has the inbuilt functionality to convert and show the webpage into an embedded code format known as HTML. HTML contains all the information about particular webpage in coded format. Coming back to the point, This trick is not for professional purposes. Its only useful to play prank on your friends.

The logic behind this Trick :

Whenever you are entering your password on any website, Did you notice that it turns out to be in dotted characters or hidden by asterisk? That’s where our trick comes into picture. We are going to edit the HTML code of the loaded website in such a way that when a person enters his password, it wont be hidden anymore. It will be displayed directly as he types in.

How to do it practically :

  • Lets consider you and your friend sitting in a room.
  • Your friend opens up the Facebook site. The site loads completely asking him for username and password.
  • You ask your friend to get you a glass of water.
  • This helps you  to buy a certain ‘time window’ during which you can use my trick.
  • Now when your friend is away. If you enter your password in the password field. It appears like this :
  • Then I right click inside the password field and select ‘inspect element’.
  • Then something like this appears at the bottom of your browser :
  • Just double click on ‘password‘ on that line itself. And enter ‘text‘. Just replace ‘password‘ with ‘text‘.
  • And press Enter.
  • As soon as you press Enter. You can notice the password field is ‘not hiding‘ the password anymore.
  • As you can see, the black dots have disappeared. And the real password is being shown.
  • Now coming back to the point. Your friend is Away from the computer.
  • At this point of time, Keep both the fields (username and password) Empty.
  • Then just use our trick > Inspect element > Change ‘password‘ to ‘text‘.
  • Now just wait for your friend to enter his username and password..
  • And Bingo ! His password will be clearly displayed on the screen as he types it.
Note: Most people type their password while looking at the keyboard. Hence you will have much higher chance of knowing their password. And if in any case they realize that you are trying to hack into their account then you can always say you were just playing a prank on them. Its that simple. Nobody is gonna jail you for this hehe. Basically this is not hacking but just a simple trick to fool your friends.
And note that this post does not support or provoke any hacking activities.

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    1. @0dbc99cf9a3f556f11fbcd9060a81a15:disqus It can be done irrespective of what windows you are using my friend. It does not depend on what OS you are using.

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