Display Multiple Clocks in Windows 7

multiple clocks in windows 7

Perhaps if you want to track the time of other countries or locations around the globe without losing your current time zone, then this can be really helpful. First let me tell you why i ever wanted to use multiple clocks. I personally wanted to track the time of Lithuania. A friend of mine, with whom i play multi-player game online, lives there. So by adding one more clock of his time zone, i would know what time i should play, so that we would be in-game at the same time. Lets see how to do that :

  • Click on your current time in Taskbar. The clock window opens up.
  • Click on ‘ Change date and time settings’
  • After that click on ‘Additional Clocks’ tab.
date and time
  • Just click ‘show this clock’ and set that clock’s timezone.
  • Enter a name for that clock. In my case i entered Lithuania.
  • Click apply and ok. And you will see one more clock.
  • You can add 2 additional clocks.
  • So in total, you can have 3 clocks. 1 is the main clock, and 2 other additional clocks.