Counter-strike run time error – Abnormal program termination

Run time error messages are fairly common problem in computers.

They are basically a way to warn you that there is something wrong with the system.

This can occur if you have installed a program which has higher requirements than what your system can handle. Or this can even occur due to some missing program file.

There might be some program files which were not successfully installed and thus not functioning properly.

You can see the error message dialog box in the image given below. If you are having the same problem, then this post can help you.

How to solve it ?

In this post i am going to tell you how to solve the error which occurs during execution of counter strike game. The run time error which occurred to me while playing counter strike is shown in the image above. Lets see how do we solve it.

  1. Open Task Manager (right click on the task bar and click on Task Manage)
  2. Go to Processes Tab.
  3. Find the process named ‘Explorer‘.
  4. Right click on it and click ‘End Process’.
  5. Note: Now your desktop icons might disappear. Don’t Panic. Go to next step.
  6. Go to Applications Tab.
  7. Click on ‘New Task’
  8. Type: Explorer.exe and press Enter.
  9. You are done.

Now try to run your program (counter strike in this case).  Hopefully it will work now. If the run time error problem persists then try one of the following solutions :

  1. Re-install your program (counter strike in this case)
  2. Or Re-install Microsoft Visual C++ Run time Library.

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