Why do we Refresh our Computer?

Today a thought came in my mind that why do we refresh our computer? What actually happens? You know almost 90% of people around the world keep refreshing not knowing what exactly refreshing does. They keep doing ‘right-click – refresh’ .. ‘right-click – refresh’.. just after their desktop is loaded. And well you can even count me in the list of people who don’t know what refresh does. I just knew that it makes PC faster and more active. But the question is How? How does the computer makes itself faster by refreshing?

So i searched over the internet for an answer. And i couldn’t actually get an official answer from any site. But i found some answers from the internet users and yahoo answers. So grouping together all the information, i will try to answer the question.

What is the meaning of Refresh ( F5 ) in Computers?

Refreshing can be related to Human behavior. Just as we get tired by doing certain task and need to refresh to become active to do other tasks, Even the computer gets tired after running programs for long time. The word tired in technical terms means the computer becomes slow. And after refreshing the computer, it becomes more active.

What happens when we Refresh the Computer? (Technically)

  1. When you run a program it will load on to the memory. It will reside in a certain sector until you end the program. As you kill or terminate a program, the restore point of the process is still in the memory for while. So you when you press F5 or refresh, you are cleaning the loaded (resided sector) on the memory.
  2. Refreshing makes computer to run faster by clearing its previously completed job cycle, thereby reducing response time for each cycle.
  3. Hence in short, it frees up the ram used for various purposes and fasten your PC.

Why to Refresh your Computer?

Although your windows automatically refreshes at the default frequency of 60 Hz, You can manually refresh using F5. Or by right clicking on your desktop and selecting refresh option. The question is why to refresh? The answer is simple. As seen in this post, Refreshing will just help you to make your computer active and thus speed it up. People also use refresh to check whether their PC is working at proper speed or not.

I hope you found this article helpful. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Why do we Refresh our Computer?”

  1. The point that ‘System will slow down a bit because of right click and refresh’ made me laugh. Refresh definitely does what i have written in this post. It doesn’t contribute to system performance in a big way but it surely helps to ‘refresh’ the old cache with new cache.

    For example, If you are viewing a shared folder on your computer and i rename that folder using other computer. Then you are still viewing the old name of the folder even when i have changed the folder name.

    Now at this instant if you press refresh, the old information is loaded with new information. And you will be able to see the new folder name.

  2. This is the process of keeping up-to-date RAM memory and Processor because processor becomes slow when it processes the operation since long time. When we press refresh button or F5 then processor becomes active and show its current status.

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