Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

If you are searching for some great plugins for your wordpress blog then this post might help you. You can search for wordpress plugins on google or on the site. But it can be frustrating task to find the best plugins from the rest. In this post i will share some good working plugins for your wordpress blogs. I am not going to rate any plugin just by reading others reviews for that specific plugin. I am only sharing the plugins which i have used on my site. So all my opinions are based on experience.

Disqus Comment System

My opinion : If you are searching for some great plugin for blog comments system then this is the one. I feel the default comments system in wordpress is not that good. When i had my first post on my blog, at that time only i had decided to replace the comments system. I kept on searching for an alternative. I crossed disqus comments system many times but i didn’t download it.

Instead i was searching for a plugin which would allow visitors to comment using their social networking sites. For example: if a facebooker wants to comment he can log in to Facebook and then comment. Similarly if a googler wants to comment, he can log in to Google and then comment. But all such plugins were most likely premium plugins, that means i had to pay / buy them to use the plugin. Then i finally decided to download and install disqus comments system and i can’t express how satisfied i am with this plugin.

Features : This plugin allows the visitor to comment using their social profiles, disqus profile or by direct name and email id. Easy to integrate. You can change colors to match with your website. And great comments moderation system as well. Other features include top commenters, popular threads, thread rating, etc.

Settings : So if you are asking me how to use this plugin then the answer is just install this plugin and then after installing disqus will ask you to register on their website before using the plugin. Don’t worry its free. Just register and follow their instructions. You will get a short code for you website, just enter it in your plugin to activate it. And after activating you can find disqus in Comments > Disqus.

Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons

My opinion : The most important plugin for a blog is the one which helps to promote the blog. And by promoting i mean sharing it to others. Every blog must have share buttons on every page. If not every page, at least on the blog posts page. This allows the visitors to share the articles with their friends and thus promoting your blog and helps to get more traffic to your blog. Currently i am using this plugin on my blog, there maybe other better plugins out there. But i am satisfied with this one.

Features : This plugin shows different social sharing buttons on your post. You can set their position according to your preferences. For my blog posts i have chosen to keep the sharing buttons at the bottom of my post.

Settings : Just install the plugin on your wordpress blog.
You can find the plugin settings in Settings > Really Simple Share.


My opinion : I don’t know exactly how to describe it. But to see it practically, you can visit any post in my blog containing a image. And then click on it. The image will be displayed in a box on the same screen, clicking on it again will zoom the image. If you have multiple images in one blog posts then these will be grouped together in orangebox. So when you click on an image in a post, it will appear on screen with left and right arrows for viewing the previous and next image respectively. Even videos can be viewed in similar way. I am just in love with this plugin. Its awesome. It makes the images and videos to be viewed beautifully.

Features : Well i described most of the features in the above paragraph only. So to see what exactly it does, you can see the screenshots on the official orangebox plugin at the Click here to see the screenshots.

Settings : Directly install on your blog.
The plugin settings are located at Settings > OrangeBox.

User Avatar

My opinion : Its a great plugin which helps your registered users to upload their own avatar on your Blog. Well there’s nothing more to say about it. I like it for its simplicity and ease.

Features : Allows registered user to upload their own avatar.

Settings : There are no settings, just a upload option in Users > Your Profile.

Sliding Youtube Gallery

My opinion : If you want to display all your youtube videos on your blog without taking too much space then this is a great plugin for you guys. This plugin puts all your videos in a order in one single block, allowing user to browse through videos just by mouse movement (left or right).

Features : Customizable video block. Helps to view all videos in one single block like a Gallery.

Settings : The plugin settings can be found in Settings > SlidingYoutubeGallery.

Spider Tracker

My opinion : This plugin really makes tracking very simple. I started using this plugin a week ago and i feel great to see which spiders are tracking my site. Its not very complex plugin. Its very simple and neat plugin.

Features : Displays which spiders are tracking your blog. Displays the number of visits by spiders to your blog and also the percentage of one spider from another with a green tracking bar.

Settings : The settings are located directly below Settings option. Named Spider Tracker.

Related Posts Thumbnails

My opinion : If you want to show related posts just below a thread, then this plugin can help you out. This plugin puts related posts along with excerpts and thumbnails just below your thread. I am not totally satisfied with this plugin, i am still searching for a better one. Because if i change the thumbnail size through media settings from 150×150 to something else. Then the thumbnails of the related posts go blank or cause problems. So if you know any good plugin you can comment below. But till then i will just work out with this plugin.

Features : Shows related posts below the thread. The threads can be either random, from same category or from same tag. Thus the user will gain more interest in your site.

Settings : The plugin settings are located in Settings > Related Posts Thumbs.

Google XML Sitemaps

My opinion : Instead of explaining what it does, i would like to show you the working. The following data is shown in my administration panel. You can have a idea of what it does by looking at it :

  • Your sitemap was last built on July 21, 2012 10:01 am.
  • Your sitemap (zipped) was last built on July 21, 2012 10:01 am.
  • Google was successfully notified about changes.
  • Bing was successfully notified about changes.
  • There was a problem while notifying
  • The building process took about 0.25 seconds to complete and used 29 MB of memory.

Features : Helps to generate XML sitemap of your blog posts.

Settings : The plugin settings are found in Settings > XML-Sitemap.

Ad Injection

My opinion : This is really a great quality plugin for a wordpress blog. This plugin helped me to inject ads into the blog posts. And i really love this plugin for all the complexity managed in a simple way. There are so many options which helps us gets the desired result. And the administration interface is really up to the mark.

Features : Injects any advert (e.g. AdSense) into your WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees the ads by post length, age, referrer or IP. Cache compatible.

Settings : The plugin settings are found in Settings > Ad Injection.

Syntax Highlighter Evolved

My opinion : If you are posting codes on your blog, by codes i mean programming language codes then this plugin is highly recommended to you. The code you post on your blog will be highlighted using that specific language. Example: If you are posting a c++ code then c++ keywords will be highlighted accordingly.

Features : Easily post syntax-highlighted code to your site without having to modify the code at all.

Settings : The plugin settings are found in Settings > SyntaxHighlighter.

So i hope you loved this article. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Take care guys.

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