Remove lock sign over folder in win 7

So you see the lock sign or icon over the folders in the above image? That’s what i am talking about. I don’t know if you have a problem with that or not. Most of us don’t really care about that small icon. But people who are serious with the themes and look of their computer, People who like to keep things neat and tidy would not like to see a lock over the folder. Maybe this sounds stupid that why would anyone be bothered about the small lock sign over the folder. But trust me there are people including me, who don’t like to see all these kind of stuff which makes the screen look kinda dirty you know? .. Well now, we will first lets see how this icon comes into picture.

When you go and right click over the folder and choose share with -> nobody. Then that lock icon appears over the folder to indicate that this folder is completely private. It can only be accessed by authenticated users of your computer. And other computers on the network cannot access this folder alright? So now lets go ahead and see how do we remove this lock icon or lock sign over the folder !

>> How to remove Lock sign over the folder in Windows 7 ?

  1. Go ahead and Right click over the folder having the lock sign/icon.
  2. Click on Properties. Then click on Security tab.
  3. Click Edit > Add > Advanced.  (click on image below to open it and again click to zoom in)
  4. Then click on find now. After that double click on Authenticated users. See below.
  5. Now click on Ok, Ok, Ok, etc. And you are done. Your lock icon over the folder in windows 7 has been removed. Check below. The lock icon over FIFA 08 folder has been removed successfully.