How to connect two PC’s on LAN

If you want to connect two computers on LAN (local area network) then you will need a crossover cable. A crossover cable (image) is an Ethernet cable which simply helps to connect computing devices together. In this post i will tell you how to use this crossover cable to connect two computers directly.

You can get this crossover cable from any computer hardware store i guess. I got mine from my nearest computer hardware store. It is also called as RJ45 cable. If you are not getting the cable from any store then you can even create one. To know how to create a RJ45 cable click here.

To connect two computers on the network, Both computers should belong to same WORKGROUP. To check the work group of your computer. Just go to Control Panel > System. Here you can see the workgroup of your computer. See Image Reference. If your computers are not on the same workgroup. Then you can change the workgroup of one of your computer to match the other one. To change the workgroup of your computer follow these steps :

  1. Go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings
  2. Click on Computer Name tab.
  3. You can see ” To rename this computer, click Change.” message.
  4. Click on change.
  5. Now just type in your new workgroup name. Click Ok, Ok. And restart.
That’s it, now you know how to change the workgroup of your computer. So you can put both the computers on the same workgroup before proceeding to the next steps. When both the computers are on the same workgroup then you are ready to connect them together. Follow these steps to connect two computers on LAN :
  1. Go to Control Panel Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Click on Local Area Connection > Properties.
  3. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)Properties.
  4. For PC 1. Put IP : Subnet: Default Gateway: (Image Reference)
  5. For PC 2. Put IP : Subnet: Default Gateway: (Image Reference)
  6. Click Ok, Ok, Close.
  7. Restart both PC’s. And you are connected on LAN.
  8. You can find your other PC in My Computer > Network.
If you are getting the message “Access is denied” while accessing the other computer then just go ahead and disable the antivirus/firewall on both the computers and you will be able to access that computer.

If you are not getting the other computer in the Network then just go to your Network and Sharing center. Click on Choose homegroup and sharing options. In that window if you can see create homegroup button, then just click on it and just go clicking next next next till you are done creating homegroup. Now try checking your Computer > Network again. If you still don’t see the other computer then feel free to ask help on the Codefap Forum.

And please connect the crossover cable to both the computers hehe 😛

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