Floating share bar for Blogger

So if you already started blogging then the first most important thing you will need is sharing buttons on your blog posts. These sharing buttons will allow or help your visitors to share your post on different social networking sites. So in this post i will share the code which i had adapted from some site long ago when i was blogging on blogspot. And then eventually i kept modifying and experimenting with this code to get desired results on my blog. And with time i learned the function of every part of this code, so now i will help you to implement this code on your Blog powered by Blogger. And also i will explain how to work with this code.

First have a look at the floating share bar. Click here to see it on Live Blog.

Now to implement this floating bar on your Blog, Just follow these instructions :

1) Go to your Blogger Administrator Panel > Click on Template > Click on Edit HTML

2) Click Proceed > Click on Expand Widget Templates

3) Find the line :

4) Just below that line, add the following code :

5) Now replace codefapcom on 85th line with your twitter username.

Changing the position of this plugin or widget :

Here i will not explain the complete working as most of the visitors reading this post are just seeking quick solutions and not lectures. So to change the position, Check the line number 5. That line says :

Now in that line you can change the position of the widget with respect to bottom and left margin. So you can edit these two properties in the following way :

bottom : Increasing this value from 10% to 20% will push your widget away from the bottom of your browser (that is upwards). So you can increase this value to put this widget more nearer to the top or decrease the value to put it near the bottom.

margin-left : Increasing this value from -90px to -80px will push your widget towards the right. Decreasing the value from -90px to -100px will push your widget towards the left.

So just experiment with this values to suit your requirements. And happy blogging.

Making this widget appear on home page

This widget only appears on post pages and not on the home page. If you want this widget to appear on the home page as well. Then remove 001, 002, and 101 line from the code.

Click here to see how to add floating share bar to WordPress Blog