Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger(Blogspot) and WordPress are the two giant platforms dominating the blogosphere.

And since these two are in great competition, you must be wondering which one to choose or which one suits my requirements.

So in this post i will try to clear the confusion in your mind hopefully.

Since i have used both these platforms for long enough. And currently my blog is based on wordpress CMS.

Paid Blog Hosting

So the very first difference is that WordPress is available as a content management system (CMS) while blogger is NOT. Which means that Blogger is available only through Therefore you cant host blogger on your own webhost. However you can add your own domain to blogger. In case of wordpress you can either host your blog on or host wordpress CMS on your own web hosting site.

Winner: WordPress
: Wordpress is available as CMS. Hence full control over forum. 

Free Hosting

WordPress and Blogger both offer free blog hosting. That means you will either get or from them. In case of free wordpress hosting, they offer very limited accessibility to customize your forum. If you want to customize your forum then you have to pay them. In case of blogger hosting, they offer full template customization for free.

Winner: Blogger
: Comparing to ‘free wordpress hosting‘, Blogger has more control over template.

Organizing Blog Posts

In case of wordpress there are categories and tags to organize your blog posts. While in blogger there are only labels to organize your blog posts. So in this case wordpress has rich organization compared to Blogger. As per my experience.

Winner: WordPress
:  Comparatively rich organization of posts in wordpress.

Widgets and Plugins

The add-on scripts or internet gadgets in wordpress are called as plugins and in blogger are called as widgets. Many people think they have equal in this battle. But with experience i can tell. I am much more happier and satisfied with wordpress plugins than with blogger widgets. WordPress plugins are of great quality than blogger widgets.

Winner: WordPress
: Comparatively quality of plugins is very rich in wordpress.

Static Pages

In blogger you can create upto 20 static pages. But in wordpress you can create as many static pages as you want.

Winner: WordPress
: No limit on static pages.

Forum Administration and Permissions

In case of blogger, there are Administrators, Authors and Readers. But blogger is less flexible in case of customizing this ranking system. In case of wordpress there are several ranks. Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Administrator, Super Admin, etc. And wordpress ranking system is flexible.

Winner: WordPress
: Better administration and permission settings.


WordPress has very very rich variety of themes as compared to Blogger templates. Get this idea clear that WordPress as Themes and Blogger has templates. In Blogger templates are XML files which means your entire blog look is decided by this one single file. But in WordPress you have themes. These themes are made up of group of php files, images, css files, etc. If you don’t believe me then you can search on the internet and compare blogger and wordpress themes yourself. Maybe you can even try some blogger templates first before believing me. Because i am so much satisfied with wordpress themes, i cant express !

Winner: WordPress
Better quality of themes in wordpress.

Customizing Themes (Free Hosting)

As i said previously, Free wordpress hosting does not allow us to customize the stylesheet or our blog template. However blogger allows us to customize our template. And free blogger templates are also available over the internet which can be customized and uploaded to your blogger site. Even though free wordpress templates are available they cannot be customized by you since wordpress charges you for customizing your template.

Winner: Blogger
: Freedom to customize template for free in Blogger.

Customizing Themes (Paid Hosting / Using CMS)

In case of paid hosting or using wordpress as content management system, you have full freedom to customize the way you want it. And this is far better than Blogger.

Winner: WordPress
Full customization freedom in WordPress CMS.

Size of Pictures (Free Hosting)

In case of wordpress, 3gb of image storage is provided. And in case of blogger 1gb of image storage is provided which is shared with picasa web.

Winner: WordPress
more image storage space in wordpress.


If you are are not serious with blogging, If you don’t have time to customize your blog or don’t want to do all the advanced things but just write blogs then Blogger is suitable for you. But if you are serious with blogging and want to do it professionally then wordpress is for you. If you are new to everything, i recommend blogger to you for its ease of use. If you are having some what experience in blogging then you should switch to wordpress.

Note that Blogger is free service. WordPress has 2 types, free and premium/CMS. Comparing Blogger and Free wordpress you should go with Blogger according to me. But comparing Blogger to WordPress premium/CMS, you should go with WordPress.

6 Replies to “Blogger vs WordPress”

  1. hey men what about seo ……….hos better seo ……..blogger or wordpress????? i think wordpress …………..blogger is for newbie

  2. Hello Elvin,
    Both are good. It’s all about how you make use of it. Also there are many professionals who use Blogger. So ‘Blogger is for newbies’ isn’t totally right statement, but i would say Blogger is simple while WordPress is complex. You can experiment a lot in WordPress and there is more freedom for customization.

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